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How to Build Your Table in Three Easy Steps
Step 1
Select "Available variables"
Please select "Available variables" by selecting "Statistics" (e.g. "Population (Number of Persons)" under the grouping "Population") and then "Classification" (e.g. "Age" under the grouping "Demographic Characteristics").
You can make multiple selections of statistics and classifications. The system will automatically filter out the available combinations for you.

Step 2
Change the "Table definition"
You can change your selection (e.g. removing the selected statistics), change the default setting (e.g. filtering classification groupings or selecting other groupings) or adjust the table format (e.g. displaying classification along the row instead of column).
Please note that the year 2016 has been automatically selected for you. If data for 2006 and 2011 are needed, please change the selection by clicking "Year" and then "Available Years".
Besides, some classification variables are only applicable to particular year(s). For example, the "Industry – 7 Groups (HSIC 1.1) (Classification in 2006)" is only applicable to year 2006. When this classification is selected, the system will change the year to 2006 automatically.
Statistics for 2006 are not readily available for some tables involving more detailed breakdowns. For enquiries on these statistics, you may contact the 2016 Population By-census Office.

Step 3
Press "OK" to Obtain the Table
After selecting the "Available variables" (including statistics and classification), or changing the "Table definition", please press "OK". The table so built will be displayed automatically.
You can repeat the above steps to change the content or the presentation of your table. You can download the table by pressing the Excel button.

Press "Cancel" to Undo Your Last Selection(s)
You can press "Cancel" to undo your last selection(s).

Press "Reset" to Restart
You can press "Reset" to cancel all your previous selection(s) and restart the system.

Nil figures and figures of small magnitude
In using the Interactive Data Dissemination Service, users should note that "-" denotes nil or data not available. Furthermore, since estimates based on sample enquiry are subject to sampling error, a nil figure may mean a figure of a small magnitude but not zero. Similarly, figures of small magnitude are also subject to relatively large sampling error and should be interpreted with care.